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Your first appointment

This appointment will be approximately 60-90 minutes depending in the complexity of your case.

Please come with a knowledge (or list) of your current medications. You will be asked to fill out paperwork pertaining to your current and past health history, accidents and/or injuries, surgeries and current compliant. Or you can click the link on this page and download, print, and fill out the forms prior to your appointment.

We will perform a thorough exam to identify the source of the complaint. Whether it be pain, discomfort, or even just "not feeling myself" we will help to identify the root cause in order to determine if chiropractic is suited for you. If we feel that chiropractic care is not the appropriate care for your complaint we will help you find the doctor who is best suited to your needs. Dependent on our exam findings, we may or may not adjust you during your first visit.

We will discuss nutritional habits and concerns to help guide you with any food, exercise or supplement changes that you would like to include in your wellness or treatment plan.

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Follow-up appointments

Any follow up or continual appointments will be approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the complaint complexity.

I will always want to know any changes to your health history and medications.

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Back Massage

Other Questions:

  • INSURANCE: We accept Excellus BC/BS as they are the main insurer in our area. But you can still get reimbursed from your own insurance if it is different! See below. 

  • MEDICARE: We accept Medicare.

  • WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE INSURANCE: We consider the cost of our appointments to be affordable and comparable to other DC's in the area. The cost will never go up regardless of how complex your treatment may be. If you are experiencing a financial hardship we can provide a sliding fee scale once you provide income verification. 

  • WHAT IF I HAVE INSURANCE THROUGH A COMPANY YOU DON'T ACCEPT: We will be more than happy to give you a super bill that you can mail into your insurance company for reimbursement (we will walk you through the process if you need assistance)

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